Bookmark management, anywhere and simple enables you to bookmark pages in a simple way and use them on different computers and browsers.

Easy usage

To use linkarama's features just add these links to your browser's bookmarks/favorites toolbar:

linkarama (link to the bookmarks view)


linkarama++ (allows adding new bookmarks)

The easiest way is to drag the links above and drop them on your browser's bookmarks/favorites bar. If the bookmarks panel is not visible, you can show it by clicking in the menu
View | Panels
the corresponding item.

Bookmarks can be saved and managed by clicking the links in the bookmarks toolbar.

Bookmarks can be saved permanently or filed temporarily in categories for later viewing. Therefore, you do not have to keep open numerous tabs to avoid forgetting about interesting sites.

linkarama can be used almost fully mouse navigated. Bookmarks can be moved via drag'n'drop inside and between categories.

With lists you can archive your links and share them with others, e.g. by sending them via eMail. Note the Featured lists at the bottom of this page.

Featured lists